Want to know how healthy your roof is?
Look no further than Warm Roof !

Yes, we leave ventilation at the eaves.

No, our system meets BS476 part 7 surface spread of flame.

Yes, the foam has the same degree of breathability as wood.

Yes, just cut out the foam and remove the bonded tiles. Please contact us prior to undertaking any work involving removal of foam.

The Warmroof System has passed most stringent tests that UK Government bodies require and achieved a BBA certificate – your guarantee of both a quality service (provided by trained, permanent staff) and a quality product that meets the appropriate British Standards demanded by local authorities and Chartered Surveyors.

Extract from our BBA Certificate: –

The product is installed by Warmroof Systems highly trained installers.

Warmroof will contribute towards the roof covering, resisting the passage of water, wind-blown snow and dust into the interior of the building.

The product’s performance indicates that the life of a slated or tiled roof will be extended by at least 20 years.

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