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We are Work Life Reading, Roof Foam Removal Specialists, here to help you

Here at Work Life Reading, we have an exceptional 30 years of experience within the domestic and commercial sectors. Specialising in roof insulation foam removal,  our experts use clean dry ice blasting.

 If you want a team that cares and ensures that you get the best possible quality at great prices whilst not skimping on our customer service levels. Get in touch today FREE on 0800 533 5651 and book your free consultation.

Mortgage Problems

Most lenders won’t make a loan against a house that has loft insulation made of Spray Foam.
This is due to the fact that once applied, any damage is invisible and might affect the timbers.

We offer an efficient service to remove spray foam insulation.

We’ll work with you to get you through what may be a very stressful circumstance, and the work will be done quickly and professionally.

Dry Ice Roof Foam Removal Specialist

We use the best dry ice blast machines. It is still the market leader in its seventh iteration. Utilising the same tried-and-true technology as the smaller dry ice blasting machines, but with increased versatility.
providing the best cleaning results for spray foam removal.

Instead of the conventional method of scraping, dry ice blasting destroys foam by thermal shock, eliminating spray foam insulation in big chunks. There is no water involved, the dry ice is pure CO2.

Dry ice blasting, compared to other methods, removes more foam and saves time by 80% when used to remove spray foam insulation.

Sray Foam


Here we use dry ice to remove spray foam insulation which is applied directly to the underside of your roof’s slates or tiles. This insulating spray foam is damaging your property.

When the foam spray is applied to the underside of the slates/tiles, it prevents the roof from breathing

The dry ice method is fast and versatile and can be used on all sorts of foams (open and closed cell). We will safely dispose of all the waste foam.


OUR UNIQUE Insurance Backed Guarantee

All of the services that we have to offer come with an insurance backed guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that the work that our experts carry out is fully covered for 10 years.

spray foam problems

On the third of May 2021 the BBC programme “Rip off Britain” investigated the green spray foam roofing schemes that have fallen foul of the mortgage providers when owners come to sell up or re-mortgage

loft foam problems