Masonry Crème

Masonry Crème
The invisible insulation barrier from Warm Roof!

A wall surface treated with ProPERLA Masonry Crème insulates mineral building materials by adding a protective layer and reducing water absorption. The product chemically bonds to the wall surface, penetrating up to 17mm deep to create an invisible insulation barrier.

So what are the key features of this product?

  • For use on a range of substrates including brick, stone, concrete and sandstone
  • ProPERLA Masonry Crème benefits from a 20 year manufacturer product guarantee ensuring the product will insulate the substrate for a full 20 year period
  • One-coat protection
  • Penetrates up to 17mm into the substrate to provide an invisible insulation barrier within minutes
  • Chemically bonds to mineral surfaces
  • Dries clear, it does not alter the appearance of the substrate
  • Super hydrophobic
  • Creates a self-cleaning surface
  • Highly breathable
  • Helps prevent discoloration and salt efflorescence.
  • Discourages growth of moss, algae and lichens.
  • Prevents frost damage
  • Proven performance

Water Resistant

Provides a waterprrof surface so moistures forms into droplets and runs off the surface

Self Cleaning

As dirt is unable to adhere to the masonry, it leaves your walls cleaner for longer


Creates a super hydrophobic surface that remains dry in all weathers


20 Year manufacturer product guarantee ensuring the product will insulate the substrate

Invisible Heat Insulation

When applied to your masonry, ProPERLA Masonry Crème creates an invisible insulation barrier for single skin and cavity wall buildings.

Tests have demonstrated that when ProPERLA Masonry Crème is applied to clay bricks, it slows down thermal heat loss by up to 76.83% .

By using ProPERLA Masonry Crème,  dry tests have shown that it reduces the water absorption by more than 95% and therefore improves the thermal efficiency of masonry, as dry walls lower your energy bills.

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